Certified Pre-Owned Equipment

Today, while our primary workload involves sales and service for new equipment, we occasionally have the opportunity to acquire good used equipment which we can offer for resale.

Rest assured that every piece of certified equipment we suggest has been thoroughly inspected, reconditioned and approved by our technicians and service manager.  Our pre-owned inventory only lists proven products from foremost manufacturers.  We will not sell an instrument for which we do not have access to genuine replacement parts or technical expertise.

At the heart of the matter is our relationship with our customers.  It is a relationship that, in many cases, goes back decades.  It is important for us to maintain that level of trust and, therefore, you can be confident that your pre-owned purchase will satisfy your expectations.

Please call for a current list of available products.


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“You, our customers, have the medical experience.
We have the technical know-how. Together, the ultimate objective for all of us is to provide excellent, reliable service for the welfare of your patients.”